Education and Sports go hand-in-hand to enrich the lives of our student athletes.

The LaCore Family Foundation is funded by contributions from individuals and local companies. Our goal is to break down the financial barriers to participation that exist for many of our student athletes.

Working together to build and strengthen our community

Supporting our Community

Physical activity and exercise should be a part of every child’s life.

Taking part in some sort of physical activity is an essential part of child development, helps build confidence, and promotes health and well-being. Our mission is to provide opportunities for all students to participate in some sort of physical exercise and team-based sports.

The Power of Change On and Off the Field


Tollefson F.

The LACORE Family Foundation has blessed my family and me over the years. They have provided so much for youth sports and are committed to seeing the kids succeed as they grow older. I have told my son that he is very fortunate to have access to such a wonderful facility and equipment. Thank you so much for all you do and your dedication to our youth.


My family (among many others) has had the fortune to benefit from the LaCore Family Foundation for several years. Both my sons have been able to play sports they love, basketball and soccer, thanks to the awesome support and coaches volunteering for this foundation. As one of many parents and coaches who volunteer to work with this foundation, my values and goals are aligned with those of the LaCore family. Taking part in youth sports can help kids develop confidence, character, resilience, and teamwork. The LaCore Family Foundation has my full support and recommendation.

Sean L.

Before joining the LACORE Foundation, I mentored and encouraged as many youths as possible solely through sports like basketball, soccer, and football. Since 2011, this has been my passion, but limited resources often pose many obstacles.

Since joining the LACORE Family Foundation, the inspiration and lifelong blessings we have gifted to our youth are second to none. The scope of encouragement now extends to the classroom, participation in youth groups at church, and life lessons that the kids can take with them into high school and beyond. This Foundation has impacted many lives, including mine, and I am proud to assist the LACORE Family and continue uplifting our youth.

Youth Teams Have Great Power!

Youth Teams Have Great Power

Meet Our Board of Trustees

Terry LaCore


Jennifer LaCore


Jenifer Grace


Erin Wasserman

Executive Director

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